Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cellular Respiration: Glycolysis

The first phase of cellular respiration is called glycolysis. Only 2.2% of the energy from cellular respiration is attained through glycolysis.
The above image illustrates the process of glycolysis in detail. It includes the names of the enzymes responsible for catalyzing each individual reaction. It also included the names and structural diagrams of the intermediate reactions.

In general, gylcolysis can be divided into 2 phases: energy investment (Step#1-3) and energy payoff (Step#4-10). During the energy investment phase, 2 ATP molecules are used. In the energy payoff phase, 4 ATPs in addition to 2 NADHs are synthesized.

Reactants: glucose, 2ATP, 2NAD+, 4ADP, 2 phosphate groups
Products: 2 pyruvate, 4ATP, 2ADP, 2H+, 2NADH
Location: Cytosol
Net ATP: 2

This video explores glycolysis with particular focus on the enzymes involved.

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