Sunday, April 24, 2011

Genetics: Telomeres

What is a telomere?

A telomere is a repeated non-coding portion of DNA found on the ENDS of the chromosome as illustrated above.

What's its role?

Protection. After ever replication, a single nucleotide at the end of the DNA is lost. Telomeres prevent any important information from being lost. Of course, it has its limits. The deterioration of the telomere is linked to the process of aging!

So, what is telomerase?

Telomerase is an enzyme found in some cells that seems to add on to the 5 prime end of DNA (extends telomeres). These enzymes are only found in germ cells and even cancer cells!

Scientists hope that with the knowledge of telomeres, we can find cures for things such as aging and cancer!

HERE is some more information on telomeres!

This VIDEO will also give you a better understanding!

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