Sunday, April 24, 2011

Genetics: Protein Synthesis: Transcription (1)

Transcription: The process by which DNA is copied into mRNA.

Location: Nucleus

Why? There are a number of advantages to having this process:
- DNA is sacred, and better left protected in the nucleus
- It is large, it is more convenient to move small pieces around in the cytoplasm.
- Not all the DNA codes for the same protein; it is better to only take what is needed into the cytoplasm
- There is only one copy of DNA per cell; mRNA allows for protein synthesis to occur at many different ribosomes at once to satisfy the needs of the cell
-It can penetrate the pores of the nuclear membrane

Its structure?
It is very much like DNA except the sugar used is Ribose instead of Deoxyribose, Uracil is used instead of Thymine and it is single stranded as opposed to the double helical structure of DNA.

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